Trolls Party

Our upbeat and realistic Poppy performer creates a magical environment for any little girl or boy's birthday celebration.

Support your child's positive spirit with a Trolls themed party.

"Beyond our expectations! We loved having Poppy at our house this past weekend to help celebrate our four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son! She was so great with the kids reading a story, face painting, making bracelets, coronation ceremony and singing. All of the kids had a magical time and loved every second of it! She definitely made lots of dreams come true! Thank you!"

-Katie Jones

Spider-Man Party

If you are looking for a Super Hero that will teach the children how to be brave, noble, and do what's right, look no further.

Support your child's super spirit with a Spider-Man themed party.

"We were so happy to have Elsa and Spider-Man at our neighborhood National Night Out gathering! They were both "the bomb" - the kids went nuts, and Elsa did a wonderful job of face painting! All the kids followed Spider-Man around in awe, he interacted with all of them, and the kids truly seemed to be in a magical land! We will ask them back again next year for sure! 5 STARS - PLUS!"

-Linda Van Deusen

Frozen Party

The Frozen craze is far from over. Our Elsa and Anna actresses teach the children about kindness, forgiveness, and not concealing the magic within them.

Support your child's inner magic with a Frozen themed party.

"We had Princess Anna come to my daughter's 4th birthday! My daughter loves treasure hunts and the actress took them on a small hunt at the park. It was so much fun! She was a delight and my daughter hasn't stopped talking about it!"

-Liz Adams

Moana Party

Learning who you are and what you stand for is so important for all of us. Moana teaches us how to strengthen our inner voice and inspires us to believe in ourselves.

Support your child's self-esteem with a Moana themed party.

I wish I could give 100 stars. My daughter absolutely LOVED having Moana and Ariel come to her birthday party. They were engaging and attentive to all the party kids, professional, arrived on time and made sure that every interaction was on point with their character and storyline. Very impressed and will most definitely be booking again! Thank you!!!!

-Allie Hannon


Rapunzel Party

Following your dreams isn't as easy as it seems. It takes courage, determination, and positivity. Our Rapunzel strengthens your child's belief that they can do anything.

Support your child's bravery with a Rapunzel themed party.

"Rapunzel was great, the girls loved her! She was very sweet, patient and accommodating."

-Erin Lemon

Captain America Party

 Being a hero requires more than a cape. It requires knowing what the right thing is and when to do it. Our Captain teaches your children about being a real hero.

Support your child's nobility with a Captain America themed party.

"Fantastic experience! 
We will call Regal again. I really didn't expect such detail in the character roles. My son and his friends had a great time. Thank you!"

-Emily Goddard

Thor Party

The strong and dependable hero every person admires. His heart shines through in everything he does. He teaches respect, loyalty, and following your intuition.

Support your child's kind heart with a Thor themed party.

"Exceeded my expectations. Customer service prior to the performance was super fast and answered all my questions. On the day of the event, he was on time and made my little boys day!"

-Kristina Garrison


Belle Party

A princess pure of heart that seeks adventure, knowledge, and a feeling of belonging. There seems to be a little bit of Belle in all of us.


Support your child's sense of adventure with a Belle themed party.

"We are so thankful for the amazing experience we had with your company! Belle did such a wonderful performance, with her kind and sweet interactions and creating a truly magical atmosphere! She created a magnificent experience for our family, and we will cherish these memories for a lifetime! Thank you once again for an excellent experience!"

-Damianna Sarro


Ariel Party

Ariel was one of the first princesses to leave her comfort zone in an effort to follow her dreams. She went to great lengths to do so. 

Support your child's sense of curiosity with an Ariel themed party.

"5 stars all the way!! We had Ariel here to celebrate our 5-year-old and she did amazing!!! It's so hard to keep young kids gathered and entertained and she did it! She was on time and stayed the whole time. I would absolutely recommend Regal Characters!

-Ashton Murphy

Cinderella Party

The first of her kind, Queen Cinderella taught us to always be kind, to forgive others, and to never stop dreaming.

Support your child's sense of belief with a Cinderella themed party.

"Cinderella was the highlight of our party! From arrival to departure, it was so very enchanting! The little princesses loved every minute of it. From the storytelling to the games in the garden, to balloon making and makeup, she did everything with grace! The most amazing thing is that she remains in character the entire time and her voice is so amazing! I highly recommend Regal Characters for any event! I know I will definitely be using them again!!"

-Teana Kaho'ohanohano

My Little Pony Party

Having wonderful friends and learning how to communicate with them is a skill that takes time. My Little Pony understands this and works on strengthening child to child communication.

Support your child's communication with a My Little Pony party.

"Incredibly professional and authentic. Pinkie Pie arrived on time, had a full presentation prepared for our little girl and was a delight to be around. So glad we found Regal!"

-Kindal Smith

Sleeping Beauty Party

Kind, elegant, and beautiful. Sleeping Beauty represents a divine feminine power. 

Support your child's gentle nature with a Sleeping Beauty party

"My daughter turned 3 and 'princess' was the theme. Sleeping Beauty arrived from Regal Characters, and she was outstanding. She was lovely, interacted with the children on such a great level, and never rushed anything, and most importantly, the children loved her. She was classy too.  Remained in the role and even when I paid the remainder of what I owed, she preferred we do this where the children don't see.  Can't get better than that."

-A. Nagle


Batman Party

The classic hero that has been standing up for the little guy since 1939. Batman teaches others to use their intellect to make a positive impact in the world.

Support your child's intellect and bravery with a Batman themed party.

"This is an amazing group who hold to strict standards for their employment of princesses and other marvel characters. They don't their I's and cross their T's and do their best to ensure that the quality of the characters is upheld... this would be my go-to for any kids themed parties!"

-Gillianne Fields

Tinkerbell Party

A fairy that struggled with coming to terms with her power. Tinker Bell represents growth, change, and adapting to new environments.

Support your child's growth with a Tinker Bell party.

"Regal is amazing! I've never seen a children's party go so smoothly as the one I attended with Regal Characters. They pretty much took care of the entire event as the parents relaxed and watched! Professional, prompt, and affordable...kid's ecstatic and in awe of their heroes. Awesome experience. I'd recommend this service to anyone."

-Chad Novack

Unicorn Princess Party

A princess that promotes wonder, magic, and excitement. Our Unicorn Princess centers her performance around fun and laughter.

Support your child's belief in magic with a Unicorn Princess party.

"Regal Characters is an amazing character business. They strive for only the best in their characters and deliver magical performances. Highly recommend them for any party needs!"

-Sydney Hanks

Star Wars Party

“A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.” “Fear is the path to the dark side…fear leads to anger… anger leads to hate… hate leads to suffering.”

Support your child's force with a Star Wars-themed party.

"We had a Jedi come to our son's birthday. Very friendly performer! A great addition to his Star Wars themed party."

-Deb Dan Vessey

Grinch Party

The Grinch is our most booked holiday character. Watch as he delights and bewilders your guests with his super realistic Grinchness.

Support your child's bravado with a Grinch themed party.

**Higher Rate Character**

"We had the Grinch come to our holiday event and he was great! Really in character and was a good addition for our older kids!  Regal Characters was so accommodating last minute and so easy to work with!

--Marnie Andrews

Elena of Avalor Party

Elena is a Latina princess that believes in staying true to your heart while standing up for others.

Support your child's creative expression with an Elena of Avalor party.

"Elena did an excellent job! She was so great with the kids. Activities and games were well organized. Everyone had a wonderful time! She made sure the birthday girl felt very special."

-Elena Dickens

Iron Man Party

Iron Man is highly intelligent, resourceful, and honorable. He is always there to lend a helping hand when you need it most.

Support your child's integrity with an Iron Man party.

**Higher Rate Character**

"Characters were really top-notch. All our clients loved taking photos with the characters during our superhero movie event. We will use them for our next events for sure."

-The Burnside Team

Aladdin & Jasmine Party

Driven and determined. Aladdin & Jasmine teach us to not accept things as they are but to create our own future.

Support your child's independence with an Aladdin & Jasmine party.

"My daughter was so thrilled to have Jasmine at her 6th birthday party! While she was a bit apprehensive at first Jasmine made her feel comfortable and they went on to have a splendid time. A suggestion to parents - the time goes by very quickly so have your camera ready for all the smiles."

-MJK Sully

Wonder Woman Party

Wonder Woman is a brave and fearless warrior dedicated to creating peace on Earth. Sensitive and nurturing, she promotes a healthy balance of respect and love.

Support your child's warrior spirit with a Wonder Woman party.

"We had Wonder Woman and Spiderman for my daughter's 4th birthday party.. they were awesome and the kids loved them.. highly recommend Regal Characters."

-Joleena Tavares


Ladybug & Rina Rouge

The Miraculous Ladybug and Rina Rouge characters are daring, forward-thinking and as sassy as they come.

Support your child's boldness with a Ladybug & Rina Rouge party.

"They exceeded my expectations! Regal has every character you could ever want. I will definitely be booking them again!

-Amy Whiting

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